CASE Remote | A New Campaign of Indiegogo Has Been Launched-CASE Remote Air


A New Campaign of Indiegogo Has Been Launched-CASE Remote Air

We are just back to indiegogo to launch our latest campaign: CASE Air ( ). It is the world smallest WiFi camera controller, only your car key size. Here is some information about CASE Air and other secret and powerful CASE series products which can free your camera:


CASE Remote Air is the world smallest and most powerful WiFi smart camera controller. It can connect with your camera through USB cable, generate WiFi hotspot to wirelessly connect with smart phone, tablet or PC.

The mobile devices can wirelessly control camera with advanced functions including live view, shutter trigger, remote parameter editing, HDR, focus stacking, bulb, time lapse, video control etc.  In addition, CASE Air can connect with camera through WiFi and access internet at the same time. So you can share photos on line or upload your photos to the cloud easily. CASE Air can work with almost all Nikon and Canon DSLR, compatible with both iOS and Android system. Windows and Mac are also supported.


There are times when all you need to capture the perfect photograph is just a few more feet in height. A common technique is to carry around and use a ladder to stand on and snap the needed photograph. Or use a drone to take a shoot. But a ladder is far from convenient in terms of weight in size. And drone is hard to control and hard to carry a DSLR. CheeringTech offers another great solution:



The CASE Robotic Camera Mount head can be used with the CASE Air, so the user can easily rotate the camera 360 degrees along two axes. The Robotic Mount can also be used to generate panoramas and motion-controlled time-lapse photography. 

The CASE tripod is a 100% carbon-fiber photography tripod. It is 26 feet tall, and ideal for professional photographers and enthusiasts interested in aerial photography. Control the entire photography process with the CASE Air, CASE Robotic Camera Mount and CASE tripod.  

The CASE Relay Camera Power System offers ‘infinite camera power’ for most DSLR and mirrorless cameras by Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic. The system works via a DC coupler that plugs into both the camera’s battery port and the Case Relay. The Relay then plugs into either a 5V USB external battery or a wall outlet. The Case Relay, which includes a secondary 1200mAh battery, is a solution for time-lapse photography and other tasks that require uninterrupted, long-lasting power. External battery packs can be swapped without interrupting power, as the Relay’s battery will continue to power the camera while the external source is unplugged.


You can also go to our campaign ( and our website to learn more details about our series products. Please feel free to ask our questions at or comment on our indiegogo campaign, that’s the easiest way to get in touch with us!

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