CASE Remote | CASE Remote Plus has been launched!

CASE Remote Plus has been launched!

We just launched a powerful pruduct, which has a new hardware,

with good quality and stable signal!

CASE Remote+2
White look with 97mm*45mm*28mm volumn and 140g weight.
It’s battery life is almost 15 hours! And here is the comparison for CASE and CASE+,
to help you to know the advantages of  CASE+.

From this form you could find that the CASE+ is much better than CASE in many ways.
Including battery life, signal,transmission range etc.

The software  is same but good quality hardware could be used smmothly.


Transmission speed and range are most customers concerned. This form will show the consequence of we test .

You could easy to find the time for each 500 frames is stable all the time no matter 0m, 20m or 50m with
the CASE Remote Plus. However the time for CASE is growing with the distance.

So it proved that the CASE+ is more stable!

If the CASE+ makes you interested to have a try! Here is a great news for previous users!


WOW!!! Wonderful!!!

We are waiting for you! Come on!


  • Mart Noges

    Are You planning to produce to Sony Alpha cameras? SLT a65

    • Cheering Tech

      It is on our planning, however it may need a long time, we may perfect the user experience for Canon and Nikon right now. So we can’t decide when it will be support.
      Please feel free to contact us. You also could email us ,you may get a prompt reply there.
      Best regards.


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